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Laboratory bench frames for different needs. With their constructional designs, C-frame, H-frame and cantilever bench frames form the basis for our work benches depending on the requirement and application. Our new profile enables underbench units suspended in cantilever and C-frames to be moved across frames.


For maximum flexibility in the laboratory, we offer a large variety of cabinet and underbench unit variants. Pushed in underbench units, either movable or on plinth, easily fit under C-frame, H-frame and cantilever frames, or under fume cupboards with their own supporting structure.


Fume cupboards for more safety - All laboratory work during which gases, fumes, particles or liquids are handled in dangerous quantities and concentrations must be performed in fume cupboards.

Reduced energy consumption – increased profitability - Our bench mounted fume cupboards with side installation which are tested in accordance with EN 14175, e.g., use 350 m³/h/lfm, all bench mounted fume cupboards with Secuflow technology require 270 m³/h/lfm.

Safety through the intake airflow profile on the front edge of the fume cupboard worktop - It prevents turbulence that could carry pollutant emissions.


The top laboratory priority is the safety of your employees. Country specific regulations describe the annual inspection of all safety-relevant laboratory equipment. Laboratory fume cupboards are also subject to the laboratory safety directives of professional organisations.

Meet statutory regulations with Waldner Service. We look forward to providing you with an attractive quote.

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